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Copacabana Games Surprises Players with New Prizes and Irresistible Offer at Copacabana Bingo

Renowned game developer Copacabana Games, known for its popular titles, today announced a series of exciting updates to one of its most beloved games, Copacabana Bingo.

​​From now on, players can expect even more attractive prizes, as the company has decided to increase the prizes offered at Copacabana Bingo for the end of the year. The change is accompanied by a significant reduction in the value of the cards, which will now be available for just R$0.25 each.

One of the most notable changes is the introduction of generous prizes every 30 minutes. Players will have the chance to compete for prizes ranging from R$250.00 to an impressive R$700.00. This initiative aims to keep players entertained and eager for more, transforming the Copacabana Bingo experience into something even more exciting.

These changes came into effect from today, December 11, 2023, with no expected end date. With the promise of bigger prizes, more affordable cards and an improved gaming experience, Copacabana Bingo from Copacabana Games is established as an attractive option in the competitive iGaming scenario.

Copacabana Games is quickly becoming a major player in the online gaming industry, and players can expect more innovations and exciting updates in the coming years.

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