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Vista aérea do Rio de Janeio

Who we are

Copacabana Games is a 100% Brazilian Live casino studio, founded to meet the growing demand for more tropicalized games with a remarkable entertainment experience. Currently the promising Brazilian gaming market and industry gain a lot of attention in publications, are competing with more developed regions and attract serious attention of all major international operators, due to the upcoming regulation and potential of this enormous market. 

Copacabana Games entered this scenario by offering innovative, high technology products, combining security with fun and “Brazilianness” to meet local players and operators looking for a new level of Live casino with the most sought-after attractions by Brazilian players  


Our first studio is dedicated to the typical 90 balls Brazilian Bingo. An online Live Bingo that can be shared by various operators and is enthusiastically presented by our dedicated team in an interactive studio that switches its lighting scheme according to the mood of the draw.
Our Copacabana Live Bingo is already successful operated by a selection of local operators.


The second product to be launched by Copacabana Games is Live Roulette, which is finishing its testing phase and is ready to be integrated with any main online casino platform interested in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking markets. Copacabana Live Roulette offers an immersive experience in an easy and interactive way, which makes the player feel the same emotion as playing at the tables of world´s most famous casinos.
The rounds of our Roulette are presented and conducted by professional dealers, trained by Dealer Pro, which is the most renowned school of casino professionals in Brazil. The game offers an easy-to-navigate desk-top and mobile player experience and an interactive studio that switches its lighting scheme according to the mood of the rounds.


Copacabana Games is the result of investment from a successful group of Brazilian gaming providers and the hard work of André Schuartz, visionary entrepreneur who is used to bringing real casino entertainment to corporate events and parties in Brazil through his company Cassinera. For André, who is responsible, together with our technology team, dealers and all others of our operational team, for the operational part of the company, Copacabana will mark a new era in the Brazilian gaming industry. “Making this project happen is an incredible experience; challenging, but at the same time very satisfying and a very interesting step for the Brazilian gaming industry. Copacabana Games is an ambitious project that has the tropicalization of casino games as the cornerstone of its existence. Always following the taste of local players which prefer to play in an environment that is more friendly to their desires. And that is exactly what our first products offer: Players will enter the Live Bingo and Roulette room, interact with the dealer in their own language and, above all, find a really friendly environment, filled with the natural enchantment of our complete team”, he commented.

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